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XHDATA D-36 FM / AM / SW 3 Band Radio with MP3-Music-Player

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            XHDATA D-36 FM / AM / SW 3 Band Radio with MP3-Music-Player


           FM / AM / SW 3 Band Radio with MP3-Music-Player.

            WOODEN COLOR( FM:76-108MHz)

            RED , BLUE COLOR(FM:88-108MHz)

·          360 degree rotatable receiving antenna.

·          Built-in Hi-Fi speaker.

·          Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

·          With USB / TF card interface.

·          5V DC input interface

·          You can charge the built-in lithium battery by the 5V DC input.

·          The power supply can be ensured by 2 AA batteries.



1. Turn clockwise the volume knob to turn on the radio. Then push the button "MP3 / band selection" to the position of an attribute of the band frequency modulation (FM) / (MW) / short-wave (SW) to turn on the radio.

2. When you are in radio mode, first push the switch "MP3 / band selection" to your favorite band. Now you can adjust the volume with the volume control. Finally, you can fine tuning your favorite radio stations with the tuning knob.

3. If you listen to FM or FM radio stations, pull out the telescopic antenna and align it to get better reception.

4 When you are listening MW radio station, turn the casing to get better reception.



1. Push the switch "MP3 / band selection" to the "MP3" position to enter the MP3 mode. (The MP3 indicator lights simultaneously). Plug in a USB flash drive, or a TF card with audio files in the respective interface. Now the MP3 playback can be started.


2. You can pause the playback, with a short press on the “  " button in the MP3-mode, you can continue the playback with a short press again.

3. With a short press of the “ ” button you can select the previous track, if you press the “ ” button you can select the next track.



DC:If you are using an external DC voltage, pay attention to the polarity! The center of the power supply connector pins must have a positive polarity.

Note: To avoid damage to the unit, the DC 5V must not exceed.

Battery:Put-in 2 x UM3AA batteries according to the positive and negative marking on the battery compartment.

Note: The batteries may not be charged in the wrong way. This results in damage to the device.

Rechargeable battery:The built-in rechargeable lithium battery starts recharging when an external power supply with 5V will be connected to the device. The charging indicator light will glow until the battery is fully charged. In order to shorten the charging time, please switch off the radio during charging. The charging time for full charge is typically about 4-6 hours. To ensure safety, the time duration of the charge should not be longer than 6 hours. 


1. Frequency range




530. 1600  KHz


6. 0-18. 0 MHz

2. Output power 

300. 500mW

3. Plug in the current output directly to the 5V DC jack

4. DC: 3V (2 pcs. AA batteries)

5.Standard3. 5mm earphone jack

6. Supports playback of USB / TF card

Accessories: DC charger with a USB interface, user manual and warranty card included


1. Power supply selection: The radio has three kinds of power supply. One through battery supply, then the external DC power supply, or by a combination of both types.

When phenomena such as quieter becoming volume, decreased sensitivity or increased noise occurring, these are likely signs that the batteries are empty. Then change immediately the batteries to avoid leaking batteries and corrosion damage to the components.


2. Using the antenna: The radio reception direction depends on the magnetic antenna inside. The magnetic antenna rod should be aligned to the direction of the radio station in order to obtain the best sensitivity. When receiving shortwave or FM, the rod antenna should be pulled out. Under poor reception conditions, you can use an external antenna to improve reception. At the same time also   a ? must be enclosed. Don’t use the radio during a thunderstorm, in order to avoid a ?  strike.  


3. Adjust the volume: Noe that the batteries of transistor radios discharged more quickly in battery mode with increasing the volume. Therefore, in order to extend the battery life, do not turn on the volume directly too loud. For a better sound the proper level is between 70% -80% of the maximum volume.


4. The external headphones or speakers should be dimensioned to fit. If you are using an external headset or speakers, their impedance should be equal to or slightly larger than the original internal radio speaker impedance, but not less than the original speaker impedance so as not to affect the sound, or even prevent damage to the amplifier.
                      D-36 OK-1



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