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    • TECSUN PL-880 Portable high-performance Full Band Radio Three-dimensional metallic digital tuning stereo with LW/SW/MW SSB PLL Modes FM


      1. FM stereo, AM, LW, SW, SSB world band receiver,and   FM reception range is 64 ~ 108MHz, suitable for global FM radio reception.      

      2. Adopt multi conversion and DSP digital demodulation technology, greatly improves the radio's sensitivity, selectivity, S / N ratio and anti-interference

      3. Synchronous Detector: Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side Band (LSB), minimal steps is 10KHz

      4. Multi Tuning Methods:  Easy Tuning Mode (ETM)

                                                Auto Tuning Storage (ATS)

                                                Jog dial manual Tuning

                                                Auto-scan (5 seconds pre-listening)

                                                Frequency direct entry tuning

      5.Memories stations: 3050 stations storage locations, divided over 25 memory pages

      6.Manual tuning control: Fast, slow and fine-tuning

      7.DX / Normal / Local Antenna Gain

      8.Equipped with 3.5mm jack outdoor antenna, can significantly improve the reception of FM & SW

      9.9K / 10k for MW tuning step

      10.LCD backlight,  Key lock function ,Sleep timer and timing boot

      11.Class AB type Audio Power Amplifiers & ultra -dynamic full range speaker, with excellent sound quality

      12. Built-in intelligent charging system to charge rechargeable battery,can use USB smart charging function

      13. Full set of accessories: power adapter, 18650 rechargeable battery, external shortwave antenna, stereo earphone, carrying pouch, charging cable, audio cable

      14.Well-designed and manufactured for the majority of radio enthusiasts


      Three Highlights: 

      1. Excellent receiving performance:

      The first technical highlight of PL-880 is the use of multiple frequency conversion circuits, which is one of the necessary technologies in advanced radio receiving equipment. The use of double frequency conversion or even multiple frequency conversion technology can effectively improve the receiving sensitivity and anti-interference characteristics.

      2. Powerful control functions:

      DSP digital demodulation is another technical highlight of PL-880. Its function is very powerful, which makes the control feel of the machine very in place. IF DSP demodulation converts analog signals into digital signals, which can be conveniently processed, such as AM, FM, SSB demodulation, bandwidth selection, digital volume control, and so on.

      3. Perfect audio playback:

      The third highlight of PL-880 is the excellent audio playback effect. For local FM radio listening, PL-880's FM receiving capability can meet the needs of the majority of radio enthusiasts. This machine has very little noise when receiving FM broadcast signals. Due to the use of high-quality Class AB amplifiers and full band, speakers. So the loss of sound is low and the bass is full. You can enjoy listening for a long time.



      Power supply : 1800mAh 1*18650 rechargeable lithium battery

                               USB DC jack, 5V

      Speaker : Φ40mm, 4Ω, 3W

      Size: 192 x 113 x 33 mm / 7.5 x 4.4 x 1.3 in

      Weight: 550g / 19.4oz


                 FM:  87-108 MHz (EU & USA)

                         87.5-108 MHz (Germany)

                         64-108 MHz (Russia)

                         76-108 MHz (Japan)

                 MW: 522-1620 KHz (9KHz steps)

                          520-1710 KHz (10KHz steps)

                 SW: 1711-29999 KHz

                 LW: 100-519 KHz



                MW≤1mV / m


                LW≤3mV / m


      Signal Selection:

                FM≥60dB     FM≤65dB

                MW / LW≥50dB    MW / LW≤40dB

                SW≥50dB               SW≤45dB





      Package including:

      1 x TECSUN PL-880 radio

      1 x USB charge cable

      1 x stereo earphone

      1 x AUX cable 

      1 x antenna

      1 x case 

      1 x radio leather bag

      1 x1800mAh 18650 battery

      1 x User Manual(English or Russian)

      (Ship from Russian with Russian User Manual,ship from China with English User Manual)

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TECSUN PL-880 Portable Stereo Full Band Radio with LW/SW/MW SSB PLL Modes FM (64-108mHz) (Black)

Tecsun PL-880 AM FM SW SSB portable shortwave radio, equipped with analogue High-IF circuit, multi-conversion and DSP decoding technology,with unparallelled sensitivity & selectivity.
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