How to improve radio reception
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How to improve radio reception

The reason for the poor listening on the radio is......
    Have you ever tried to turn on the newly purchased radio, and you will hear all kinds of noises, only FM can be used, but the medium wave and short wave can not be heard. At this time, do you suspect that there is a problem with the quality of the radio? Please don't doubt the quality of the radio. There are many sources of noise in our lives. For example, the chargers, induction cookers, thyristor dimming devices, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, etc. in the building are all releasing switching noise. So don't worry please. Below we propose a few ways to improve the poor reception of the radio!
    1 Finding Suitable Places
    Find suitable places to use radios, which are generally close to windows, household appliances, landline phones, L-shaped steel beams of buildings, etc. Be careful to avoid the following places: near computers and household appliances equipped with microprocessors; and dimmers for table lamps, non-incandescent lamps, cable TV or telephone lines. Wires can also make noise. You can look for a holiday and take it to a place where there are no wires and no people, it could be a mountain, a seaside, an island, a big lawn, a field, etc., and see if the radio becomes clear. Because there are many distractions in life.
    2 Optional Outdoor Antenna
    A portable radio generally does not require an outdoor antenna. However, an outdoor antenna can be very useful, especially for those radios with poor sensitivity to weak signals with their own telescopic antenna. For pocket radios, the simplest is usually the best -- a delicate or large antenna can cause "overload" ("overload" occurs when the sound appears to be muffled inside the speaker and cannot be delivered loudly and clearly)
Therefore, it is difficult to deal with this interference without a good antenna and a good location. There are two ways to reduce noise.
    3 Upgrade High Performance Radio
If the improvement of the reception environment and reception conditions mentioned above is to improve the reception effect of shortwave radios from the level of external factors, then replacing high-performance radios is to seek solutions from the level of internal factors. Replacing a high-performance radio is the most direct and crude way to improve shortwave radio reception.
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